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  My name is Jill Lehualani Richardson. Arthur Hakalani Pacheco asked me to carry his torch and continue his life’s work helping others through our mediumship. He has guided me to create this Forum in our ongoing effort to bring as much understanding of life as possible and to provide some comfort knowing there are reasons for everything humanity endures. We will attempt to answer all questions that are put forth in the Forum. We also believe joy and a good sense of humor are necessary for life here on earth. Magic abounds everywhere, and we will bring as much magic forth as possible! We hope to offer Joy, Comfort, and a Deeper Understanding of what life is about.


  My dear friend Lee Cloud will also add her knowledge and mediumship to the Community Forum. She has been trained as a medium and worked closely with Arthur Hakalani for many years.


  Helena, another dear friend, will also assist with the Forum, adding her administrative skills and spiritual insights. She has also studied with Arthur Hakalani for many years. 


  Spirit will provide us with some of the topics, and participants are encouraged to offer topics as well. We welcome questions, comments, and discussions to provide a better learning experience for all. 


  If you would like to learn more about us, please visit our website at Eternal Light

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